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Creating a strapline to sell myself

i was set a task to create a strap line for myself to sell myself. This proved difficult at the beginning as I had to think deep into who I am and the traits I would be selling. I started by thinking about all the words that related to who I think I am through my eyes.
I came up with:

I then started to think about words could relate to my personality. I came up with words like open, bright, treasure, subtle and gentle. I then started to link all these words together to string a sentence of who people might think i am.

Short strap lines then started to pop into my head and I started to switch the words around and see what best worked together. I came up with things like:
shy until you get to know me
an open treasure box
treasure to share
a treasure box with no key
shy treasure

I then finally went with the idea of an open treasure box as I feel it reflects my personality and who I am.


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