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Research – Childrens welfare charities

childrens welfare research

I started my research by looking into existing children welfare charities. I have included really good and successful charities and have also included charities that are not as known and successful and that could do with help. I looked into some of the websites and found that the more successful ones are more interactive with its target audience.

I have started by doing this research so I can look at what websites best work with its target audience and to also take notes on how I can make a really badly advertised charity look much better and to make it respond with its target audience to encourage donations.

I have also started to think about the way the logos look and how they catch the target audiences eye. They all contain neutral and friendly colours and really soft fonts. However NSPCC has Neutral colours with a very sharp and aggressive font that gets the point across. This has worked really well as they are a very successful charity and have lots of donations and sponsors.


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