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Research – Family rights group

logo2I then looked into the family rights group further and looked at some of their traits and how they encourage people to make donations. I looked at there website and the way that it looks and the journey that are giving the audience.

I looked at the font and colour scheme that is used on the website and it is not as good as better campaigns like save the children and Unicef . I don’t think that the family rights group run a good campaign and there website is really poorly done as there is no colour scheme throughout or feel of the website. The colours on the website are very bold and friendly however it doesn’t create a mood for the website. There are no visible campaigns that I can see and their method for encouraging donations is not strong enough. They limit there campaigning ideas to a small target audience which means people who could donate wouldn’t know about the campaign because it is advertised to a limit.

This company also works mainly on just working to help keep families together and even though they do good work they could work more with aiding children. I think that this has to do with the target audience they are advertising to and there methods so people who would want to donate to this charity simply don’t know about it.


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