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Little Hearts Matter – Tone of Voice


I researched into the website of little hearts matter and what the current tone of voice is. I believe that the tone of voice is subtle, friendly and soft. Although the website is bad the colours and the mood is very neutral. There is not much to the website and the way they have designed it however there is far too much information on the website and it is not very organised. Having this tone of voice and conducting it in a good way is not done very well here as it is very cluttered and not organised.There are also no images on the website which makes the information in one block and very hard to read for the target audience as they will not want to read information in block.

To make sure I carry out my tone of voice i will make my website very clean and understanding. It will also be clear and the message will be put across in a way so that all ages will be able to understand it.


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