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Final website pages


My final images here is of my home page of the website and the donate page. On the home page I had thought about having a success story to attract the audience and make it friendly and uplifting and then I had thought about putting important parts of the website on the front page which includes encouraging people to donate or get involved with the charity and then different sources of interacting with people from the charity or people who are aware of the charity. Then I did the donate page which I wanted to make fun and friendly and to also be easy to give quick donation. Creating this experience will help encourage the audience to donate and might want to go through this process more that once.

I think next time to make this better I could have thought about putting different pieces of information on the front page and also thinking about trying something new and to make my website page move and come to life. I also need to start thinking about time management because if I had more time I could have developed this website page more or even thought about creating a series of different donate pages spending on what one the audience wanted to go down.


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