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Existing interactive websites

Geox – Amphibox

This interactive website is a continuous video that lets you choose your own weather for what trainer would best suit that weather. I think this website is very engaging and helps give information to the reader whilst they are interacting and having fun. From this website i feel like i could take elements like feeding information whilst making it look attractive.

G-Star Raw – For the oceans

This collection is a little less interactive as all the items just move and there are bubbles that move. Although it is less interactive it is very attractive to look at and will helps readers look around the website.From this piece of information I think i will take appearance into consideration and think about using animation with reality.

Nike – My time is now

This nike interactive video appeals particularly to its audience as people who are shopping for football boots are into football. It means they are likely to know what is going on in the video and what they would really want to see the player do or what would be amusing for them.


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