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WWE industry talks

maxresdefaultWe started of the talk by being introduced to the two talkers from WWE.Giancarlo Bernini who was the Senior Director for Commercial Marketing started off the talk first starting with the five main things WWE brand is based around. This includes being Pro-social, engaging with its fans, being multicultural,innovation and family friendly. Their television network spreads between raw, smackdown, total divas and NXT. Sky is the home of WWE and E! is the home of total divas


They have a place called WWE network which is like a version of netflix but for WWE fans. It gives the fans a chance to get to know what happens behind the scenes and things that happen between the shows.


They have staggering numbers of attendance to shows and followers on social media. This includes:

  • 1.82million subscribers
  • 25million app downloads
  • 720+ million followers across all platforms
  • 8billion views on youtube #no1sportschannel
  • 300+ live events since 1989
  • 4th most valued sports event in the world
  • wrestlemania attendance record with 101,374 inside AT&T stadium
  • twitter and Facebook generated 2.5million
  • daily mirror live blog reached over 3.6million page views
  • 800,000 unique visitors most read story

Having these numbers also means they need to spread there engagement throughout a wide range of people. To do this they also have corporate social responsibilities like hope, military, education, diversity and inclusion.

Having a lot of views and followers across their social platforms is not about just being ‘popular’ but also merging your platforms together to attract different type of audiences and fans. They follow this through two main principles which is fan engagement case study and bringing your fans along with you. Fan engagement case study is about engaging with your fans and using that to dive through to other platforms. Bringing your fans along with you is about creating unique storylines for people in the UK to follow along, then to close the loop and bring it back to the social platforms and to create global stories for everyone to follow along.



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