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The first speaker we had come in was Laurent Francois who is the exec creative strategist & founder for RE-UP. He had started of his talk by giving us an insight on brands and how they are not our friends. The majority of people wouldn’t care if 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow, so we need to think of a way our brands can be imprinted into peoples lives.

He then went on to talk about how there is an extreme growth in ad blockers and how it is changing the advertising industry today as it is not something they expected. Globally usage of ad blockers grew by 41% 2014-2015. It has become much harder to make and advertisement that is good and imprinted in peoples minds because of ad blocking. As of 2015 there was 198million monthly active users for the major browser extensions that block ads.

We then started to think about some of the main principles that creative people follow some of which were:

  • If you have a dream that no one follows, its an empty dream
  • Don’t be part of the problem be part of the solution
  • cultures cross like ships in the night

The second speaker who was Ines Barril who is the account manager for Movement which is a mobile forward digital agency.This agency believes that if your doing digital and not putting mobile in advanced position then your not doing digital. This speaker mainly spoke about who she is and what she does as an account manager. She has various jobs to do throughout the day and is one of the main points of contact.

When she starts to work on a brief she has main questions to define the brief and this includes:

  • who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • How?

She then started to talk about what type of people she has to work with and what type of things she has to deal with everyday. This includes was difficulties she might have with clients and colleges that she has to get past.

There are three types of AMs

  • Pro client
  • Pro agency
  • Balanced

Two types of clients

  • Know digital
  • Doesn’t have a clue but definitely has an opinion

Infinite types of creatives

  • style is a very personal thing

One type of developer

  • Can’t be done…need at least 3weeks

This gave me an insight of the type of things she has to deal with day to day and also makes me think about how my behaviour would be as a creator. She gave a really inspirational talk about how we can do anything we might put our minds to.


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