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Ruth Nicholls & Michael white


Ruth Nicholls -Intellectual properties in the creative industries

copyright how to protect it 

  • record your ideas
  • demand confidentiality
  • include a copyright notice when you share your work
  • record when you created your work

freelancer – you own your own copyright

employee – employer owns their copyright


signs that are placed on goods (r)

used as a badge to elevate design ability and quality

Michael whitty – head of pictures and design, Guinness world records

  • established 1955
  • 100+ employees, 100+ freelancers
  • offices in london, new york, tokyo, beijing & dubai
  • publishing, online, social media, live events, television, licencing

 his career in media

  • ACP magazines
  • IPC magazines
  • Teletext
  • The independent

producer/ director of photography

  • talent research
  • locations,props,costumes
  • photographer sourcing and briefing
  • transport and accommodation
  • directing- photographer and talent
  • post production

key assets used across brand:

  • books 3
  • digital output
  • PR
  • marketing
  • licensing

picture editor

sourcing photography

  • photographers, agencies, public etc

editing photos

  • with editors/ designers

copyright negotiation

-licensing images, credit line etc

GWR adjudicator

  • trained judge
  • global travel
  • guidelines aware
  • media relations

technology change – publishing content negatives

competition increase enormous

  • cheaper/easier access, lower quality/attention threshold
  • GWR = wikipedia/google

revenue reduced

-“everything is free online”, paywalls/paid apps – failures

-GWR ebooks example

copyright protection impossible

  • google images etc
  • rival records websites lifting information straight (india, Russia, china)

technology change – publishing content positives 

reach- globally millions more people can be easily targeted with a brand as well known as GWR.

content is king – constant stream of great content – records, photos, videos, UGC- mass

social media personalities are very GWR friendly

  • Facebook – showing off/having a giggle
  • Instagram – sharing great shots
  • youtube – professional and non-professional video
  • linkedin – corporate record rivalry

brand building through great content shown off like never before

  • very few have such a digital friendly strong content pool
  • other examples might include. red bull, Netflix and Minecraft

Future technology & GWR

will digital content publishing be chargeable or directly profitable?


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