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This is one of the videos that I had started to help editing on. I had cut all of the videos and compiled them into one. As this was something that I have never used before I found it difficult to know what to do and how to cut the videos. Having help from anya really helped me she showed how to do the things I couldn’t and guided me instead of doing it for me. In the future I think that instead of giving up so easily I will start to think about how I could improve my skills and put in more effort.

As one of the directors and photographer I found it something I have never tried before. I had to think about the types of shots I had to make, whether her head was in the shot. I also had to think about sound and whether the location is the right place and wouldn’t be too much of  a distraction in the background.

Filming this video helped me to improve it in some of our next videos and how I could change some of the main factors to help make the videos better.


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