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Industry Engagement – The Mills

We took a journey down to The Mills advertising agency where we had a short tour of the lounge area where they showed us their latest successful project which was The Guardian:6×9 virtual experience of solitary confinement. I thought it was a great experience and was definitely memorable.

Experiencing how it felt in solitary confinement was an experience and made me feel claustrophobic. The sounds and the look of the cell really enhanced the way I was feeling. It made me reflect on how people who haven’t done serious crimes feel when they are put in prison and the way it can have an affect on their mental state.

we was shown a video about behind the scenes of the project and thinking about how much work went into the making of this experience made me have a respect for the creative directors on this project as they had to think about a way to make the audience really feel like they were there and make them feel the way the prisoner may have felt whilst being in there.

From this trip to The Mills I will start thinking about how creative directors come up with these ideas and how they can help make the audience feel.



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