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Industry talks – Andy taylor


We had a man called andy taylor in who is the head of movies + gaming for BBC Radio1 He started of by talking a little about what he does and who he is. He started talking bout some of the good things about his job which include:

  • Being creative everyday – Daily radio show
  • make good things , not money
  • talented people- DJs, actors, production
  • unique opportunities- R1 rescores drive
  • incredible places, events, moments
  • increased ability to ‘do it right’
  • make new things- gaming on R1

He also then started to talk about some of the bad things about his job and how people can be difficult to work with celebrities and people in general. Some other bad things about his job are:

  • celebrities
  • publicists – hard to deal with/ when its brilliant its the presenter, when its bad its the  producer
  • politics – in company, in industry doing something different – films/ games
  • constant change

The ugly parts of his job

  • unresponsive or untalented ‘talent’
  • bad management
  • challenges to the BBC- public service broadcasting under threat
  • compliance – can go wrong very quickly
  • unsociable hours
  • limited opportunities to progress

How did he get where he is now?

  • BBC talent trainee in 2000
  • worked his way up
  • built a reputation
  • spotted an opportunity
  • started something new, made it a success
  • created his own job
  • took a break!

Working in the media

creatives– problems come when managers create and the creatives manage, but we are all both

Talent– find common ground and common goal

The BBC– hard to break into, hard to progress, totally unique. Importance of opinion formers

His advice to us

He then gave us a bit of feedback to take with us whilst we start working for different companies and creatives. The advice included:

  • Not what you know who you know…Its what you do. Don’t talk about it do it.
  • work at the highest possible, then build
  • Be prepared to be flexible and for your goals to change
  • Find how you can network – its important
  • working in media is about people and content.



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