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Industry talks – Brian sheppard

For todays talk we has a man called Brian Sheppard come in and talk about the industry and what it sees in us. He started talking about how we should present ourselves to the industry and how it will help us get noticed.

He gave us one phrase to take and think about which was Take your ideas, make them, leave your head and heart and go out into the universe.

I found that quote really inspirational and thought about how it could make me more confident about exploring my own ideas and bringing them to life.

He then gave us some advice in which he wanted us to think and reflect on.

5 tools to help experiences, take ur ideas out to the world, one in twenty scripts make it.

  1. The greater the variety of stimulus, the greater variety of response.
  2. Be authentic- repect people for their talent and for what they can bring to the team
  3. Love the craft
  4. Companies look for people who are connected to the culture and consumer behaviour
  5. Data is science, not magic, we do the magic.

Companies look for people who are connected to the culture and consumer behaviour- that will help you get jobs. And passionately believe that – not knowing information about the companies, or anything then you will defiantly not get the job.

Thinking on this further has made me think about the way I present  myself and my work and to feel confident about what I am doing and to just put it out the rather than thinking about it too hard and not putting it out there.


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