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Industry talks – Matt Heiman


The founder and CEO of diagonal view came in to have a talk to us about what he does at diagonal view and the kind of project they do there.

He started by talking a bit about what he does in terms of scouting talent and producing projects and videos on youtube.

He then talked about some of the individual projects that are going which include:

They turn random conspiracies into 10 killer facts. He then moved onto some statistics and what kind of figures they see like:

  • 4.3m+ loyal fanbase who’ve subscribed to the channel and love to comment
  • 7% click through rate on our last branded campaign. Our fans listen to what dave and john say
  • 1.3b+ lifetime video views and constantly rising

He then named some of the other popular channels that people have made which include:

  • The football daily – one of the largest and certainly the most vocal communities of football fans on youtube.Hosts patrick and joe discuss the hot topics in the beautiful game
  • All-time movies – Chris and jamie love movies- just not necessarily the same ones. Join them as they argue their way through the most exciting films, old and new.
  • Draw my life – the lives of the worlds greatest celebrities in three minutes snd marker pen, illustrated by the super talented mica
  • Alltime gaming– jamie is playstation for life. Alex has played nothing but xbox since halo. Chris regards himself as part of the pc ‘Master race’

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