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Industry talks – VIDSY

In todays talk we have a day long workshop where we will be given a short brief to construct a few videos to sell a product.At the start of the talk there was a presentation where he explained to us the importance of videos and the way they can sell products. He explained how today content has changed and the way we view content is different. We also talked about not the fact that our concentration has got shorter but the fact that there is more content to be viewed out there and that the content has to be short to capture our attention so we can then watch and move on.

We then moved on to framework. We should keep the same framework throughout all our videos as it makes each of our individual themes recognisable and easy to know that each of the videos are ours. We also need to keep our content snappy (under 15secs) because that is roughly all people watch in a video and to optimise our video with sound off as most of the content we consume is without sound.

We was then given a short challenge to create a few videos for each of our products to sell them to our target audience which is people around our age 19-24. We need to create a theme to sell our products and stick to one framework.

some of our ideas include:

chilli chocolate

  • huffs and puffs because it is spicy
  • friend throws water in her face to cool her down
  • steam comes out of the friends face, her face turns red and hot


  • when you want to show how white your teeth is
  • when you want your friend to shut up
  • in a conversation and a friend randomly turns around
  • when you want your friend at a party to drink


  • when your angry and you throw it at your friend
  • party game, shooting all your friends with it

Our theme is great things you need at a party

party things

we then decided to change our theme to friends and things you would need to have to chill with them.

Filming this challenge was very exiting as we had to think of the ways in which we can show it in a short and snappy way.

Here is our page and some of our ideas


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