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Here are the links to our social media platforms with all the content we have posted.





To conclude in our self initiated project throughout the project there was a lot to do in terms of the amount of content we wanted to post. During this project as the photographer and filmmaker there was a lot of issues I had to overcome. As I have never worked with cameras before I had to figure out how to use the camera and how to use it in our environments. When we went out to film I had to think about how the sound would be in the different locations and whether it would work affectively. Half way through our filming I realised that our camera was a good camera and we were good for sound. However as actors we had to make sure we spoke loud enough to cover the background noises. Another thing I found difficult was the angles of the shots we had to take and the way it would look on social media. I found that after taking a lot of shots someones head would be cropped out and we would have to retake the shoot again. Learning  from some of these mistakes we had decided to take our time a little more

Working with my peers was very challenging and would sometimes make me want to give up. However having friends as my peers helped pushed me and made me start to see a side of the project that I would begin to enjoy. During this experience I found a few things difficult:

  1. working as a group
  2. keeping motivated
  3. finding time for each other
  4. not having enough skills to one of the main roles

After many weeks I believe I would like to continue with this project outside of uni and watch it thrive as we continue to develop our skills and figure out how to use social media as a promoting platform.


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