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Creative collaboration – lecture 1

To begin the term with our new brief we had a lecture by Brian shepherd who started to talk about some of the main things that we would be doing on the new brief throughout the term. Some of the things that we will have to do includes;

  • tone of voice
  • copywriting
  • art direction
  • presenting ideas
  • value of research
  • the brand
  • who to read and write a brief
  • pitching
  • freelance
  • collaboration

He then began to go through some of the challenges we will go through during this brief which was then put into learning outcomes.

  1. remember the bigger picture
  2. keep your brief in mind and stick to it
  3. be in the audiences shoes, not your own , be your authentic self

During this brief these learning outcomes will help me to think about how I can overcome challenges and to think back on my learning outcomes to help me think about my audience and to stick to the brief.

I then have to start thinking about some of the research i will need to do including primary and secondary. I need to think about creating questionnaires and surveys. I also need to think about using information already researched, so looking online and sieving the internet.

what I am going to do next is to start thinking about research and what I need to start researching.


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