Posted in Interaction Design

Audi ;mind race – Research

Whilst in a lecture I stumbled across a cool piece advertised by Audi and the Barcelona team. It involved them playing a racing game using their minds to move the cars along the race track, which has been done in an amazing way. If this way available in an open space I think it would engage all different types of people of all different ages.

With the way that It has been done is incredible considering it has always been mythical people being able to control things with their minds. It has mixed fiction with reality in a really fun and cool way. They also use colours to show the journey of the car which adds that little extra touch of creativity and looks visually appealing.

I will start to think about a way that you can use interaction to show a piece of work instead of making them do something, or I could try and put them both together to engage them in different types of ways


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