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Daito Manabe – Research


In my lecture I had been told to look at a piece of work by Daito Manabe called happy people. At first I was very unsure about this piece as I was confused and didn’t know what it was about. After looking more into this I had realised that he had used an electric stimulus to the face to produce different sounds with each twitch. I found this very engaging and thought it was funny. However unless you read the caption you might not actually know what it is about.

Doing something unusual and challenging will help me to engage with my audience but to also make them laugh.My biggest challenge would be to think of something creative but also produce it so that it is easy to understand and fun to engage with.

After researching through Manabe website I happened to stumble upon his drones piece and thought it was very inspirational. It doesn’t have much do with Interaction design but the colours and lights are visually appealing. It gives me inspiration to experiment with light and how it reflects of different types of backgrounds. It makes me think about what types of pieces I may want to use from Tate Britain and if any of the collections will go with this type of euphoric feel.



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