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Niklas Roy – Research

I looked into a piece by Niklas Roy who had used the interaction and the reaction of people as his main focus on his project. The piece was called ‘my little piece of privacy’ and had a small curtain that could sense movement of people walking past the window and moved along with them as they walked past. I found this highly amusing as when you walk past a window, you usually want to have a quick look in. When the curtain moves past with the people they try to dodge it to look through the window.

This is a really fun and creative way to engage with the audience as they spend so much time trying to look past the curtain that they forget why they want to look through so badly. If they had a piece of art inside or wanted to promote something, this would be a really great way of doing that as you already have people engaged and ready to see.

To move forward with this I think that knowing your target audience and trying to capture their attention in a fun and playful way is a great Idea. I will start to look into people who may have also done something like this and think about who I am targeting my piece at and different ways to engage with them.


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