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Elephant and castle – site research

Visiting the elephant and castle site will help me to think about what the area is like and what might be around in the community and what they need and what the impacts on the new build might be.

On the outside of where the new build is going to be they had small advertisements of what is going to be there and what it will look like. They also had information about what upcoming builds are going to be like a new refurbished shopping centre and leisure centres and things for the community.

However when I was looking around it generally wasn’t in a desirable area and didn’t look like somewhere you would want to live but where the properties are very expensive. The people around the area would really impact on having such a new build.

It is also very accessible via public transport and is easy to get through to different areas in london. This will help to sell the property as there are loads of bus routes and a really big train station. There is also a cycle hub that goes through elephant and castle that will help promote the new eco friendly site that they are going to build.

From their site the one thing I liked was the colours that they used as they were very modern and clean. However you also need to think about what is around the area and in the community. This is what I did not like as elephant and castle can look very hip. Perhaps I could think about incorporating hip and modern at the same time.


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