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Greenwich peninsular paper town


Looking at the website for the greenwich peninsular I could see that have used a lot of colours and used different names to show each area of the website. This has been done very creatively and really engages the audience to read about what each section is going to be and what it is about. As a viewer this really makes me want to know what this area is going to be about and how much life it will bring to the community. As for creative direction, I really like the way they made it look unrealistic but you still have an idea of what is going on and what its going to look like.

What I really like about the greenwich peninsular site is that they have managed to show a really creative strong link between the website and the construction site.

They made these peep holes that you could look through that showed the same type of graphic images that is on the paper website but through a view on the ground that it would be like. I think this is a cool way of engaging people from the community and showing them what their horrible site would look like and that it would really make the community look a lot better visually.


They also made a small museum of an actual visual of what the place would look like. It is placed in a really good location that will attract all types of people, the o2.


Attracting all different types of people will help to attract outside buyers for this place. It is also so engaging that it would make you want to look into the site further.

I think for my project I could perhaps think about larger ways of advertising the site and to think on a larger scale of the type of people that might want to perhaps buy a property or look at these properties.



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