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Tate Britain


During this Tate Britain trip my main focus was to look at what type of pieces they have in the museum and to also start thinking about how I could show some of these pieces to engage and audience. Out of the pieces the Arthur Hacker painting was one of my favourites as the paint strokes and the colours that are used really make the image look 3D. When I saw this it made me want to start thinking about playing with 3D and making the viewers really get a feel of what the piece looks like in real life.

This also made me think about creating something 3D that could pop out at you and really catch your attention. To attract kids I could think about making it almost look like an animation and think about what type of colours I could use as it is on a white background.

The final piece that I found really interesting was these very colourful images. They are very clean and have a punch of colour showing these would be more difficult but I thought about maybe making them move in a way that shows the flow of the image.


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