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Media channels

I was looking at different types of ways that you could advertise a development when I came across this advertisement on the development building. Although this is a good idea the way it has been carried out appears to not have been done very well. What does not help is the way it has been designed to go with the building. It does not fully fit the length of the building and theres also uncovered parts that are still showing the development.

Although this has not got a picture or advertisement for a new development the wrap of the building is very creative and intriguing, it covers the whole of the build and blends in with parts that could not be covered. It is also bright and would attract people to look at it more. If I were to perhaps create something similar but that had an element of the new development it would relate  more and look much better .

The online brochures for the elephant park development includes pictures of what the building is going to look like and also images of what some of the new interiors may look like.

I like the way they have done this because the visuals look very attractive which would naturally attract an audience. The new modern look offers the audience a chance to see what their potential new home could look like.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-13-56-33 screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-13-56-19


I looked at a new development brochure for the ‘Prince of wales drive’ and I found that the visuals for the new development were really strong.They included a nice visual map of what is around the area and they have also included a public transport map. What I really like about this brochure is the colour co-ordination although it i really subtle and soft it also goes with the classy and modern feel of the new development.


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