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Carl Turner – Research


I had been suggested to look at this new build which a man called Carl Turner had made which was similar to my idea. It was a conversion for a car park which would be made into design studios , which is really good idea. They also made a few floors that would be for everyone in the community. I think this layout is a really nice way to show the public what The new development might look like and to show them that it won’t look as bad as they might think it will be.

Although this would be something for the architecture students to look at I would start to think about how I could incorporate this design into my final product and how I could perhaps incorporate this into my campaign.

I also like the way they have segregated the rooms and shown what this refurbished development would look like with people in it which makes it a lot more realistic.

The structure of the carpark also allows a lot more open space which gives it and open floor plan. This makes the space look a lot more bigger and gives the architecture students a lot more space to work with. This is also something I could think about putting on my campaign for people in the local area to think about.


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