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Ideas and development

As a group we had started to think about some of our ideas and what we would come up with. We started just by looking at each digital platform that we would like to use and to also start thinking about if we would like to use print also.img_0743

Whilst thinking about this we also had to make a start on what kind of ideas we have and what we want to put them into.


We then separated them int0 our two separate locations and started to think about ideas for each location.I found that creating these ideas were really difficult but working as a group helped us to bounce ideas of each other and to start challenging each others minds. It also was very difficult as we do not all agree with each others ideas. We also had to think about whether our ideas matched the design concept and how much it relates.

Receiving feedback from tutors really helped challenge our minds and also had to force us to think outside the box. I think next time to make this experience better I could think about challenging my mind more and perhaps speaking out more instead of settling for what my piers suggest.


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