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final-walworth-road-logoAfter receiving some feedback from my group I had made a couple alterations with to the logo which included the colours and the size of the font. The points that were made included;

  • The colour of the squares – Was too bright behind the font and you could not see what the colours were properly
  • The colour of the font – The black was too bold on top of the square so turning it to grey made it a bit softer on the eyes
  • The size of the square – Was too small and made the logo look crowded

Using this feedback had helped us to change the way the font looked and to helped make it better suited to our branding. I liked using this feedback as it gave me confidence in my work and made me feel more enthusiastic about improving.

Reflecting back on some of my work previously I had decided to stick with the theme of togetherness.

logoSticking to the idea that you could keep the shapes as just the logo and change them depending on what piece of design it is on. As there is no text on it we will keep to the opacity of the squares.

Next I will start thinking about the design for the campaign and what type work the logos will be on and also what one.


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