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Brochure Idea

One of our other ideas was to have a pop-up brochure that would link with the webpage idea of create your own room. We thought of the pop-up idea as it is something we all know about as a child that we used to see in books. It would also be something that we could do in a nice luxurious way but also something that kids of all ages could relate to.

We thought about incorporating kids as parents are usually happy when their children are happy. This is a technique using their kids to get them to buy properties. I started having a look at really nice and luxurious brochure packing as I had seen something in a lecture that was done really creatively and sophisticatedly.

The next thing I will think about doing will be to think about some  of the main colours that might be used and the ways in which I could link the webpage to what would be on the brochure.


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