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Final room template


After using some of the feedback I was given I decided to create the room using isometric shapes. I decided to have the room from one perspective and to have simple and basic furniture in the room. I feel like having a minimal amount of properties to change it just gives the Audience a rough idea of what their property might look like. This gives them a chance to really think about some of the pieces they might have in the room. I thought about having a few more items in the room like:

  • A rug
  • picture
  • curtains
  • desk

or any other furnitures.

However I decided to not go with this idea as It would give them too many options and they might loose interest. It also might cause too much design options and too much going on in the screen.

Making this decision was hard as it may also cause people to think it is not enough but after running this by my group we made this decision together which gave me more confidence.


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