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Logo development


After receiving some feedback from my last logo design I decided to go back to the software and start to create some new designs. The architecture students had told us that they would now like to incorporate the arches from the designs and some of their main colours.

After receiving this feedback I decided to go on illustrator and start to make some designs. This helped me to develop my skills on illustrator as I had not previously used this software. This project has pushed me to do things that I have not previously done and to help improve my skills.

I made these two quick sketches and showed the groups. They had told me that they liked the designs but thought I should use less arches to show this. They also liked the concept of having the squares around it. They also liked the incorporation of the colours that I have used.

Lea then decided to make a quick sketch which she showed our tutors, They liked her sketch idea as it looked really edgy so after receiving that feedback she then developed the logo further to create the final logo.


I thought that our cooperation really helped to develop and further our ideas. Working together as a team helped us bounce our ideas of each other and also helped get positive constructive feedback from each other.


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