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Case study

For my case study video I have used many skills that I hadn’t used before and really thought about challenging myself in this project. Thinking about ways I could create this video my method was after effects. Although I hadn’t used this software before I thought I would really challenge myself by giving it a go.

I got through this case study by watching tutorials and asking peers

In this video I wanted to show how my idea would work and what It would look like when given to you.

At first i didn’t know how I would show this but when talking to my tutor we thought about giving the viewer an understanding by showing a floor plan of a journey. This would signify the journey part of the idea.

Once I had figured that out I then needed to think about How I would show how it works with people and I had to watch tutorial on how to do this.

This project has really made me think about how much skills I have and how much they need to be improved. It has made me challenge myself and not think about giving up or trying to avoid making a video.

To conclude this I think in the future I need to start thinking about improving my skills and started to use different software to complete my projects to make it better. Although this all took me a while I know that my hard work will benefit me in the future and help me reflect on how I can improve my next project.


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