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Final webpage designs

I created a walk through of what the webpage would look like and how it would work. I kept all the options as simple and minimal as possible to avoid the users loosing interest. I play with the colours and used al the colours from the logo and the architecture students designs to give it some co ordination and flow.

Throughout making these webpages I had been consulting with beliz as she would be making the pop-up brochure that would like with my webpage designs, We had been co ordinating the designs and linking the colours to show what you would be receiving in the post.

Some of the problems I faced whilst making these webpages were things like;

  • layout
  • colour
  • direction

I found that when I was trying to layout the selection circles I had to carefully think about how big they would be and if the smaller circles will be able to fit in once selected.

I also faced a small problem with whether I should have two different type of selection choices but once receiving feedback from my tutor he said the safest thing to do is to stick to one selection choice to avoid confusion.


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