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Brainstorming ideas

After listening to everyones ideas and having to start thinking about what I want to do I started to brainstorm a few ideas. I just put down anything that could come to my head no matter how random or out of the box it was, just to kick start my brain into thinking about what festival buyers would do.

Some of my ideas included :

  • Pushing regular images on a timescale of what happened at a previous festival
  • having playful illustrated banners
  • An online virtual festival town where you can be your own festival goer
  • A glitter/ make up blog
  • A competition beer stand
  • 360 festival experience
  • create your own wellies
  • best filmed things to happen at a festival

Brainstorming these ideas down gave me a wide variety of things to think about even if they weren’t realistic or practical. It also gave me the chance to think about why they wouldn’t work and how I might be able to merge some of these ideas together to create one really nice but simple idea.

After receiving some feedback and being able to talk about my idea with someone I had decided to go with the idea of being able to decorate something and create competitions and post it on a social media network.



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