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Research – Content pushed by festivals

To kick of some of my research I just started to have a look at current festival website and just what kind of content they are pushing. The first website I had looked at was BBC Radio 1 who had taken photos of the crowd and captioned each photo. I feel like this is a simple but easy way to remind everyone what kind of fun happened at the festival. It is a quick and unique way to remind people that went or people that want to go what is instal for them.

Looking at the wireless Instagram page they have made regular posts of what has happened at the last wireless and what the crowd looks like. From my personal opinion looking at old pics of a festival always gets me excited for the next one to come because it makes me think about what is to come and who I might be seeing.

As most of these festivals don’t have budget for advertising they have to push content on what has previously happened at a festival and involving fans to help advertise their festivals.


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