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Final Micro site

To make improvements from the last Ticketmaster pitch I decided to create a microsite based on their needs and the little budget that they have to create this campaign.

On the site you will be able to choose which festival you want to go to which then takes you to the tent templates. You can either choose a template and download it and create your own design whether it is on paper or online and you would also be given the option to create your own. Once you have created your design you can then upload it to you festival virtual world where all the created tents would be uploaded.

The idea is to have each festival virtual world Unlocked when the festival is announced or depending on the popularity of the festival, when a new lineup is announced.

The idea of unlocking sections is to get people engaged with the festival and to get them constantly checking on this microsite. That will drive sales and to get people to buy tickets all year round.

The microsite also offers an exclusive side to the users.

Offering this site will also give people the chance to win VIP upgrades if they create this tent onsite or bring their created tent to the festival. Also online group submissions will receive either 10% of their ticket or no booking fee available.


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