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Lost and found Idea

My second Idea would be called lost and found, And the idea would be for people to submit their lost and found items online. These items would initially be either sent back to you or just posted online.

My mood board that I have created is showing all the different items that you could loose at a festival. It could range from really important items like a phone to really simple and small items like a brush. The submission would work by the person submitting a photo with them wearing the item and a collection of these photos would be displayed on their sites and on social media. Banners would be created to show at the corner of the different websites that would show that the item would be found

I made a quick sketch of what I would want the banners to look like or what kind of things they would display.

The next step would be to think about what type of ways people would be submitting these designs and to make some demonstrations of what they would look like.


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