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Ticketmaster Presentation

At the Ticketmaster pitch I made a presentation that carefully outlined the main topics of what my project would be about and the idea around it. I also created some visuals to show people what It would look like and how it would be constructed.

For the festietent idea I outlined what the insight is and what the idea would be based on. I then showed them some of the template that would be on offer. So to improve my templates I made one that would have a lot of space to show your design on so that people could really make a nice design. Using these templates will help people to submit more designs and will create more content. I also decided to create some tent designs just to demonstrate what some of them would look like. This would drive ticket sales as for each tent submission an incentive would be used.

For my lost and found idea I would have people create pictures of their lost and found experiences. I changed this to experiences to get people to have an idea of what other peoples festival experiences are like. This helps people know what festivals are like and is getting people to create their own content. It also shows how they would be able to submit their own ideas.

After receiving some feedback from ticketmaster I found that they really liked some of the concepts behind festietents and I think for our next pitch I would go with this idea and develop it some more.


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