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Day 1 – Shooting

On the first day of I decided to start with one of the main parts of the story which is the part where she realises that she wants to do something different. Whilst I was out doing this shot one of the main challenges I faced was that my short film is shot in the early 2000s and the shopping mall I used looks very modern. However to overcome this I made sure that the scenes were very restricted in view. Whilst filming this particular scene I filmed everything I had planned then felt like it needed something more. I then filmed a few more shots in this scene that really showed what she was thinking and how bored she was.

I then went straight onto the shop scene where we found a nice worker in the store who helped us and watched us so that we could film my actress stealing. This short film is about a girl who is stealing which would mean that from each shop I would have to get a worker to watch over us, which meant that it would have to be filmed really quickly so I had to go in knowing exactly what I wanted.

Then I went to film out in the shopping centre and got stopped by a security guard who said I would not be able to film In the shopping centre without a press pass. This was a big shock for me and made me realise I had planned this without doing sufficient research.

Moving forward on the next days for filming I will then think clearly about each scene and the practicalities of each scene for me.


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