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Day 3 – Shooting

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 21.38.49

On day 3 of shooting I decided to add a new scene just to show that she really don’t care about the stuff that she is stealing. I made the decision to add this scene as I really wanted the viewer to understand that she’s just stealing for fun but not because she actually needs the stuff. Filling this shot I wanted to see enough of her and enough of her room around her. I think that if I had thought about this scene before I filmed it I could have made some improvements like lighting and sound and maybe some of the shots

I then went out and filmed some of the last scenes, which for me where very challenging. Going to the shops I thought I would be able to find another lovely lady who would be able to watch us whilst filming but then realised that they all wanted to speak to their manager or have a press pass which was a challenge I faced.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 22.29.37

For the final scene I had to use my phone to film as I did not have a press pass and shops would not let me film in them without one. After filming on my phone I then realised that my phone camera had better quality. If I had tried to use my phone at the beginning without dismissing it I would have realised that It was better and would have saved me a lot more trouble with filming in shops and shopping centres.

Next step I will be thinking about the editing of this film and how it will look whilst all being compiled into one film.


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