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Final film – Editing

During the editing one of the main things I would have to overcome would be the fact that I had never used this software before and had never even edited before. This was a big challenge for me to overcome and just chuck myself straight into it. I started by placing all my scenes together and which shots I chose that were best, But once I had compiled all the scenes together I had realised that It would fill up the full 3 minutes. However I tried to compile them together anyway and see what I would be able to cut down. Once I had cut them all down I realised that the conversation between the two friends did not transition into the film well enough and did not have enough room to film a new scene to help it transition because of this I had to cut the scene

There were also a few other scenes that had to be cut because of the transitioning.

I think next time to overcome this I should have thought about the transitioning of the scenes and what short little shots I may have needed to shoot to make them transition better.

Once I had compiled all my scenes together I used the opacity tool to fade in some of the scenes so that it never cut so sharply. Whilst doing this I had noticed that although I needed the scenes to blend more clearly, that some shots would need a quick snappy change to help get the idea across and not everything needed to be faded together.

The next part was the sound. My movie was a film with barely any talking and just music in the background. This meant that I had to carefully think about what music would be best for each scene. For the first part of the movie I had chose ‘Bad day’ as this strongly represented what was going on in the movie and also labyrinth – ‘express yourself’ as this is what she was doing throughout the scenes.

I think next time to improve on what I have done I think I will gain more editing skills and try and merge my sound in a lot better. However I am very proud on what I have achieved from editing with no skills.


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