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After thinking about my idea and what I wanted it to be I had to start thinking about how I can write a script so that it is ready for when I will be filming and so that my Actors will know what to say. Whilst writing my script I really started to think about what I wanted to happen and where some of my scenes will be, I then had to look into each scene a little to know if it would be the right place for my character aswell.



Fade In


Jane walks down the stairs and rummages through her bag to get her oyster. She thinks she may have lost it so she sighs feeling fed up, She then goes to walk back to the help desk, places her hand in her pocket and realises she has misplaced it. She taps her oyster, walks through the barriers and walks down the road to get her daily coffee fix.

Jane walks out of the coffee shop and down the road, she then pauses for a moment and thinks about what to do next, She looks down at her phone and decides to make a call.


“ *ring* *ring* *ring* *ring**ring* beep answer machine “


“ Hey tom, It’s just me, i was just calling to see what you have planned today, I’m sick and tired of work think I’m going to pull a sickie get back to me love you bye “

Jane looks around confused about what to do, looks for the nearest bus stop and decides to jump on a bus


Jane arrives at a nice big park with nothing to do, looking at her phone and waiting for a phone call.

(Background music playing) Narrators voice

My name is Jane I’m 24 years old and I’ve worked in an office in shoreditch for 3 years. Its new years eve of the year 2000 and it feels the same as any other day of the year. I’m sick of being stuck in a dead- end job and I’m ready to have some fun. Today is the start of a new me.


( Background music playing )

Jane has arrived at new look where she’s ready to shop for the new person she wants to be, She has a look around the shop at all the different clothes with a new leap of life. As she is searching for something to wear at a new years eve party she starts to feel naughty


“ I’m definitely going to have some fun today “

Jane slips a dress into her bag and gets ready to exit the shop. She walks towards the door nervously


“omg, omg, omg”

As she walks through the door and past the security guard she sighs with relief and starts to walk to the closest station.


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