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Final Illustration

Book project2

For my final image some of the improvements to this image were little things that in the end have made a big difference. I started by placing small items in some of the illustrations which include a plant pot in the first room and a rug in the second. This helped to clearly show that the guy is actually cleaning something and the plant pot shows what type of room this is.

In the illustration where the man is doing yoga, I tried to make this more clear by placing candles on the floor and a lotus flower on the wall. This made a difference as these objects are common characteristics related to yoga.

The man playing with dolls was a lot more difficult because I could not think of what would clearly show a man playing a with a dollhouse other than a dollhouse. So I added a treasure chest as it is also something that you could find in a Childs room.

I think next time to make some improvements I will really carefully think about each stereotype and to also clearly name some of the things that might be in the room.I would also manage my time a lot better and make sure I have enough time to make the illustrations in each room.

This project has been challenging for me as illustrator is not one of my stronger softwares and that using this really helped improve some of my skills.


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