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Ilustration – development


As I have put some of the main illustrations on the sheet, some of the difficulties I faced was whether each of these illustrations stranded out enough. Each step consisted of thinking about a stereotype and then the opposite and thinking about some of the main objects that needed to be visible to understand what is going on in the illustration.

Thinking about this I showed some of my peers my work and asked for some feedback. Some of the feedback I received was to think about adding small little items to make each illustration slightly more clearer. This could include something small, like a plant pot or a candle.

To move forward one of the things I will begin to do is put some smaller objects in the photo to show the illustration more clearly.

One of the other most important thing I will have to think about is what it would look like once it has been printed. One of my main problems is whether the image is in the middle of the page and if any of the illustrations will be lost in the fold.

To solve this problem I will be thinking about putting an area in the middle that will be in the fold but also blend into the illustration so that it does not look so clean cut.


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