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Research – The workplace pension


For one of my inspirations for the barclays brief I had a look at the workplace pension advertisements. One of the things I really like about this campaign is that they have used this creature that looks friendly and comforting as a symbol for the workplace pension. Instead of making it into a really boring advertisement they have made it to look like it is friendly and easy to accept. At the beginning of some of the advertisements you don’t really know whats going on and then towards the end you finally understand the concept.

This works really well for this advertisement because at the end you finally understand what it is about and it really grips you to keep on watching it right until the end.

I think that looking at this advertisement I will start to think about using ‘something’ to represent the digital footprint. This way It would be more creative and better to look at when you don’t make things so obvious and will engage the audience a lot more.


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