Idea 1 – Wrestling bootcamp

One of the ideas I pitched to WWE is called wrestling bootcamp.

It would be a game where kids would be able to become their favourite wrestler and would win this.

My idea behind this was to get kids to interact with their most loved characters and realise that no dream is too far.

I started by making a visual concept for this which included a wrestling ring and the similarities in the poses of the young boy and the wrestler he wants to be.

wrestling bootcamp

My next step was to create a visual that would show WWE how this would work and exactly how the kids would interact with this game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 19.26.13.png

I did this by creating an illustration of how the boy would make a pose and how the game would register the person he is imitating. Once all the correct amount of moves are made they would win the title of john cena. This game would involve all kids as it doesn’t involve any of them losing.





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