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A guy from barclays creative team came in to talk to us about our work and what we are doing at the moment. After showing him my cards and what I am planning to do with the box he told me that if I wanted to add another element to this to perhaps think about what 11-16 year olds like now and how I can also translate into this offline game.

With this feedback I came up with an idea to create a design for an app that could be used alongside the card game but not without. The idea is that with their phones they could play this game so it is not making them go completely offline.

They would be able to select the card that they are using and with a timer track how long it takes them to complete the task. The app then tracks who did it in the shortest time and keeps track of the amount of points they receive.

I think that to further my work I could think about developing this app idea a little further and think about the way that this could be pushed.


In this project I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. As I want to go into teaching and being about to engage with pupils, I wanted to create a project that would answer a question that I had stuck in my head, which was how can I get children to engage and interact with others whilst staying offline. I also wanted to be able to connect this with thinking about an issue right now which was that depression in kids is on the rise.

I faced challenges throughout this project that did not defeat me but made me understand the process better and how to overcome it.

My big problem through this project was printing and I now realised that I needed to leave more time to print as it will sometimes go wrong or I might need to order for stuff to get professionally printed.

I also got back in touch with arts and crafts as I designed and made my box myself with foam board and made the inserts with card and a hot glue gun. This challenged me as I wanted to make it look as professional and neat as possible for the best possible outcome.

My final big problem was myself, and the confidence that I had in myself to be able to design this and believe in my idea and that it would work.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and learning new things about myself and my target audience.




To take my idea a step further I decided to create a box that would include all the items needed to play the games on the cards. My inspiration for this was a bit like monopoly but more of an active game.

for the packaging I wanted to stick to the branding of the cards to make sure that it ties everything together. On the box I made sure to include the vital things like age, time and how many people. I also wrote a little blurb on what the game is about.

I decided to design the box with a sleeve to make easy discreet storage if needed. I done this to make sure it also appeals to the parent who would be buying this game for their children.

Whilst making this box I think the hardest step was putting everything inside. However I also had to think about instructions and how the people playing it would know what to do.

Front page

page 2 page 4page 3

I created this booklet with instructions for each task and how to play the game. This was after I had a look at all the games and board games as you always need rules or guidelines for each game. The design also links in with the branding for the box. Some people said that this made my game very strong as you know they are all together without a doubt.

Inside the box



I think the most difficult part about making this box was the cutting and precision of the foam board. The depth of the box was also too deep so I had to make inserts to raise it a bit, I also had to do the same for the cards as it got lost in the box.

Artboard 2Artboard 1

I also designed two templates for two of the games that would be included inside the box. I made these templates as it might’ve been difficult for some of my target audience. It also adds an element of craft to it.

Overall I really enjoyed making this box as it was out of my comfort zone.

I think what I could improve on next time is to find a way to get everything to stay put, As it all moves around the box. I would also like to think about the precision of the foam board as the measurements were slightly off, however it was not too noticeable.


Cards + printing

After finalising my card designs the next step for me to take was to get my cards printed. One of the major problems I had with getting them printed was that a lot of professional printing places only print the back and do not personalise both. This meant that I would need to print the cards myself.

I had already tried to do this once before and was having big troubles getting the cards to align nicely. As the pattern that would go on the back of the card was quiet complex I had to make sure that the back on the cards each looked identical, because I could not get the cards aligned up in the right position this made it extremely hard. After seeking advice with the help of my tutor from printshop and also the prototyping room they suggested that I create a bleed.

I took their advice but for some reason it still was not lining up. My next step was to split the pattern between 4 cards and have it spliced. This worked in the end but If I could do anything better about this part I would like to get them professionally printed, however all the places that do both front and back are abroad and I did not leave enough time for printing, which I also regret.

Overall I am happy with my final packaged design of the cards.



Final card design

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.02.24Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.02.37

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.02.54Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.03.02

The final step for this part of my project was to finalise my cards and have the design sorted. I printed out mock versions to show some kids in youth clubs and to see how they interact with them. Once I spoke to people to receive some feedback I came across a really nice guy from barclays who said that my idea was very solid and there is a lot that I could do with it.

Some of the main feedback that he gave me was to think about my target audience and exactly what they are into. He suggested to me that I think about what they like and the way they interact.

So to make these cards go a little bit further I decided to link it to an app or a least think about it, and perhaps the app has a timer on it and that way they don’t need their phones to play this card game but as phones are what they engage with, I show that I can tie this into they’re interaction with the game.

My tutor also gave me feedback to think about furthering this card game and to think about the adults and what they want. So with this feedback I thought about creating the ultimate card game that includes all the things you need to play the game inside the box.


So my next step will be to think about what needs to go inside this box and how the box will be created for them, to think about all the packaging inside the box and to also consider what instructions may need to be put inside the box.



Package Design

To start this part of my project I wanted the packaging to be very simple but to also have a design on it. My first step was to look for a pattern that is bright and that is gender neutral as it is for girls and boys.

After testing these patterns out I realised that I needed something clean but something that also has a few colours so I decided to take a pattern that I really liked an altered it a bit for the packaging and for the back of the cards.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 15.53.03

I decided to call the cards 13 times happy as there are 13 cards with actions on that should hopefully raise happiness levels. I did it so that on the back it would have an example of what the design looks and to give them an idea of what they will receive inside to invite them to purchase this.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 15.51.50

I changed the design of the back of the card slightly so that the main colour would be yellow as it connotes happiness, sun, joy which all related to the concept of the cards.


I think perhaps to improve this I could think about testing some extra background colours and improve on the sizing of the border.

My next step is to fully design the cards and to make some improvements on the packaging so it is a finished product.

Mock Designs

For the development part of this project I started to design some of the templates for the cards and how I would like the images to look on them. One of the challenges I faced whilst doing this was that the design needed to be simple enough for you to still be able to see the activity that is on the card. I also needed to related each card to its suit.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 14.12.21

My first design was very clear and simple. It showed the suits and I also put a boarder around the image to show exactly what the action was. However I received some feedback that the blue was very faint and clashed against the red, Knowing that the suit were going to change I tried the same thing with a different suit and the outcome was the same. So the next thing I would need to do would be to try some different designs.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.44.13

Whilst trying different designs I then realised that I would need to carefully think about each of the designs and the way they would look as a set, which led me to the conclusion that I needed to stick to one type of media, which I then chose to be illustrations instead of images.

With the new design that I created I thought it was really affective and simple. It also showed the colour of the suit clearly and the numbers. I made sure that the images didn’t overpower the fact that it is still a deck of cards that could be played. However something told me to try again and design something else.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.38.09

I then tried it with a red background, I found this design awful and it did not go with the illustrations as the some of them have colour and it blends in too well.  So back to the drawing board I went to incorporate all of these factors and create something that is clean and has a boarder but can also relate to the colour of the suit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.21.25

I then tried similar to the first design but used a red boarder around it to indicate each suit. The boarder helps to show what the action needs to be done and there is also a clear clean indication of what suit it is.

The next step that I am going to take will be to start the outer packaging of the cards and the back on the cards.


My idea for this project is to create a deck of cards that show images on how to raise your happiness levels. This comes from first hand interviews from my demographic 11-16. I would also like to create an online book where they would be able to vote for what activities made them most happy.

To start this I wanted to take a look at some of the deck of cards that already exist and some that just look cool.


From this I really looked at the way they placed images on the deck and the proportioned they used. There are two types of cards here.Just a normal playing deck and then there is also tarot cards. I really like the imagery on the tarot cards and on the deck cards the use of imagery and space is done really well. Also one of the things to think about on this is where the text would be put as it still needs the basic foundations.moodboard 2

I then focused a bit more on playing cards and the imagery on the cards. I want to make my cards playing cards to add a purpose to them other that the images and games that come with the cards. This makes them multi-purpose and will add another element towards them.

The next thing I am going to do is to start thinking about the designs of my cards, the layout and generally how I want them to look.

Initial Ideas

To kick start this project, I was told by the people around me to consider doing something that relates to what I want to do after university. It took me a while to come up with an idea, However whilst I was doing work experience at a school something that we spoke about a lot was mental health in school and who it might affect. So after taking a look at some of the statistics.

After taking a look at these statistics I wanted to create something that would raise awareness of mental health but to children in school. The idea behind this was that it would make them aware of their surroundings and the people around them to be kind and considerate.  So the concept for this was going to be ‘ what makes me happy’. This would be short video of secondary school kids talking about what makes them happy. This would be to show how similar everyone is, however we all have different interests in what makes us happy.

After receiving some feedback on this idea I was told that it was very heavy and that my demographic could not be the kids as it would be their parents buying this. I would then have to take into consideration the parents and what information they would want their kids to know.

After weighing this feedback I thought it was time to go back to the drawing board and rethink this idea.

Whilst talking to my tutor we then simplified the idea and turned it around into a concept that would be much friendlier for kids and that al had a solid insight. This idea then changed to ‘raising happiness levels in students’ and the insight would be that “depression levels are rising in children”. I feel like this idea has a lot more substance and responds much better to my audience.

Zest of Netera – Marketing materials

AD 1

My first design was to show all the new products and the template would have a boarder around it. However after receiving feedback from the people around me they had said that the colour scheme really showed well however the boarder around it incased the ad to much and restricted it. After taking this feedback on board I decided to change the design slightly.

After receiving this feedback I decided to take the boarder away but left the banner. I designed these posters to be pushed as a Facebook campaign, Where one be released each week on Facebook leading up to the launch date. However these can also individually be pushed after the campaign as it is showing what the brand offers. I made he images very similar to the ones in the website so that the customers can see the correlation between the website and the campaign. The idea is to simply show the products and to make them aware of the brand.


I think the biggest thing about this whole experience from this project is that I have learnt so much and it has made me come out of my comfort zone. I have had to try new things that I have not done before. I think some of the things I have learnt would be:

  • Time management
  • be patient with the client
  • Feedback is key and can turn the direction of your work
  • Try new things
  • information and research is important.

I would also like to say a big thanks to my client Naomi Douglas for believing in my design capabilities and for giving me a chance at trying something new.

Zest of Netera – Website

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 17.07.39

One of the pieces of work that I created for this brand was to design her website. This was very difficult for me as I had never constructed a real life website. I added working purchases and products and it became all very exciting for me to try something new. Having the brand handbook there also helped me with my process.

I think something I could work on better next time is my photoshoot and to think about different and more effective photos to use with it as In the end I had to use some stock photos which is not what I wanted to do.

As my client is waiting until July to launch her new brand and is still in the process of  Making her products she did not want to put her products online yet. However designing this has helped me to just be able to continuously add stuff onto the website and to think about constantly changing the photos.


These are all of the photos that I took to be on the website. The theme for this was the craft and the ingredients and it was to just show the products and some of the stuff that might be in them.

Some of the things that went wrong during this process was the lighting. It was a really sunny day and the location of this shoot was in high sunlight. I have no experience in taking photographs and I had to think about the lighting in these images which really stressed me out as I did not know the basics but I gave it my best shot and tried my best.

Another problem which worked against me was that I printed the packaging on gloss which would reflect against the flash of the camera so I had to get the packaging reprinted on matt so that the flash wouldn’t bounce of the packaging.

However overall I think the images came out really well and the theme worked well on the website.

The next thing I will be thinking about will most definitely be the marketing assets that will work alongside the website.