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D&AD – John Lewis

The first thing I had to do for this brief was to choose a brief from all the D&ad briefs and complete it. So the one I decided to choose was John Lewis. The brief for this was to develop an in store experience that would attract its current and future customers. The brief was the longer part of the overall brief and I wanted to come up with something that I would be able to relate to.

So to start with my ideas and what I wanted to do, I first needed to think of who I would be targeting, and what are the types of problems that might be faced whilst doing your shopping. The first thing that popped to my mind was children, and that it is very difficult to do your shopping whilst with them.

So I started to do some research to find my insight and what the exact problem is. From here I found the insight “kids ruin shopping each and every time”. I now needed to find a way to solve this problem. Which I them came up with the concept:


The idea for this was to keep kids distracted whilst shopping with an augmented reality game. I thought of this idea as kids like tablets and phones and ‘little johnnie’ is an easily accessible app for the young kids of john lewis to be distracted while their parents shop.

To show this idea I created a mock up of the app that would be kidi friendly and also an image that shows how it works.


The other elements o this app would be that you will have the same characters and the collectables would change depending on the seasons. The little icons could change if its easter, christmas, halloween etc. This also keeps it culturally relevant and also offers some excitement for the kids every time they go shopping instead of misery. It also keeps it up to date and prevents it from getting boring.

I chose animals as characters because although it may be a cliche, its easy and relevant for the kids to understand

I also created a quick image of how the app would work, just to show a scenario which it would be in.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 14.29.30

Some of the feedback I received regarding this brief was to create a case study video to help show users how this works. Going to film and edit became very difficult and feedback of my mockup was very poor and was not understood. I thought the best way for me to show how this app would work would be to create a simple still that would show what to do and demonstrate it.  In addition to this I decided to create extra supporting marketing material to really show them how this idea would work in real life and think about what it could look like if it was to be marketed.

For this next step I took some of John Lewis traditional advertising looks and interpreted this into my design, to show how I understand and have taken on board their design.

I also showed how it would work on a social media channel and what social media channel would be best for the audience we would be targeting.

I think the thing I would need to improve on most for this project would be how to visualise the idea and to help to show this idea and how it would work. At the beginning of this project I enjoyed it very much but as I started to find more problems, it became harder to solve and took the fun out of it. So the top thing ive learned from this is to think of all aspects before choosing a brief.

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IKEA – The one club

My class was given the opportunity to take part in a creative bootcamp in Amsterdam where we would work in groups to answer a brief. The aim of this bootcamp was to give us the chance to work with some designers from a top agency and to answer a brief with people we have never met.

One of the first things that threw me off about this whole experience was that I would be working with a handful of people I had never met and also that they would be from different countries and would have different methods of learning from me. This brief that was given to us was a lot harder as I would be working with different people with different opinions. As we only had 3 days to do work for this brief the part we focused on most was to get a solid idea.

This is the part that took us the longest as we needed a solid insight in which we could develop our idea with.

Together we brainstormed a lot of ideas and then narrowed them down, based on what idea was the strongest. Throughout this process our mentors played a big part as they gave their own opinions on what they thought would work best. However they also had contradicting ideas, this forced my group and I to bump heads and really think about what feedback was more valid. This is the part that was hardest for me as we all clashed from the different ideas we had.


This is when we came up with two main ideas and decided to list the strengths and weaknesses of the ideas, we also had to think about what the brief was and exactly how this would fit with the ikea brand.

The idea that we chose in the end was to play with silly relatable arguments that we have in the home and to show how the IKEA place app can solve this. As we only had a few more hours left in the day to now visualise this idea and set it up, we separated our job roles to get this idea up and going.

My part in this idea was to design the presentation and to also help with some of the sketches that would be shown in the presentation. I found it very hard to split the roles of what needed to be done, as people in our group had different strengths and weaknesses.

Some of our outputs include:


Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.41.39Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.43.08Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.43.19Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.43.28

For my part in the storyboards I had helped draw a sketch for “my side of the bed” where I showed a partner that kept moving towards the other partners side of the bed and she/he visualised that they created more space for themselves by adding a new bed with the IKEA place app. Some of the feedback for these scenes where that, the end scenarios don’t show how IKEA place solves these problems, However we battled this as the point was to show how fun and playful it can be and that the point is for it to be silly.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.43.50

My part was to also show our additional Hashtag which would involve sparking a conversation with Ikea and they would respond to people tweets on a hashtag to keep this campaign relevant and to also involve the public.

One of the things I think I could have done to improve this project would be to have more of a creative role. I wish that instead of having a vocal role I would have liked to be involved more in the design process. However I know that to make other people from my group feel comfortable I had to do roles that would make us all feel comfortable and not just myself. That is one of the biggest things I learnt about this experience, is that you have to work in a group to answer the brief and you can not go off and do your own things.

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BEAR – Taekwondo

At the start of this project we was given a brief by BEAR which was to choose a minority sport and to advertise it, for it to no longer be a minority sport. The outputs for this project was an activation, that would help kickstart the campaign and 3 marketing assets.

One of the first things I needed to do to start this project off was to pick a minority sport. The one that I decided to choose was Taekwondo, I chose this sport because I believed that it was something I could relate to, as I participated in this sport when I was younger, but soon gave it up because I was not serious enough about it. With this first-hand experience I started to think of my personal experience, and decided to talk to people about what they believe stops people from joining up and starting Taekwondo. With this in mind I came up with the insight “Adults and Kids associate Taekwondo as a career and not a hobby”. Once I had gotten this insight, I could then further think about what my idea was going to be.

Thinking of ideas, I wanted to first take a part what Taekwondo means to people and what they associate this with. From this I took out the main elements which was:

  • Belts
  • Our body is our temple
  • disciplin
  • mind and body

Then I did a little bit of research and the main things that popped out to me was:

Looking at these individual pieces of information, I could tell that Taekwondo contains discipline,mind and body  and there is also a great significance to the belts. So I took this elements and came up with the concept Mind, body & belt.

logo T

The idea for this is to show what you can gain from Taekwondo through all of the different belt colours. I wanted the tone of voice for this campaign to be Energetic, friendly and flowing. I want it to be like this to show just how beautiful it can be, but also a friendly sport that is available for everyone. I did not want it to feel sleepy as it is not a sleepy sport.

To start the campaign off, It needed an activation that would really kickstart the campaign. I wanted to create an interactive game, that could be for adult and children and that would be displayed in high traffic areas. For this I made a two player game, that would force people to interact with others, just like Taekwondo, but it also shows the fun side of it.

To go alongside this interactive experience I decided to design a little fun fact information flyer that would be handed out at each of these experiences. The idea was to give them something fun to learn about, so they feel like they have a little knowledge about Taekwondo. For one of my marketing assets I created a leaflet that shows you how to tie your new Taekwondo belt.

Artboard 1

For another one of my marketing assets I designed an informative app that would tell you how to get each of the belts and what each moves mean. This shows people who are interested in Taekwondo, how each step has a greater meaning and it also re assures them and gives them guidance throughout their Taekwondo journey.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 13.07.52

For my final marketing piece I wanted to create posters, that would show the main element of mind, body & belt. This was to get people talking about Taekwondo and really show the beauty of it.

There would be a series of these posters that would be pushed throughout the campaign that shows the different coloured belts. The different moves shows the different levels of experience. So the black belts would show an advanced move as it is a high ranking belt and the green belt would represent a move that would not be as advanced as a black belt.

This project for me started off very difficult as I didn’t really understand fully how to be able to push Taekwondo and get other people to try it as a hobby. However after getting into the design process I started to really enjoy it and see the correlation in my idea and Taekwondo. Something I think I could improve on a little would be to add another element of how fast teakwood can be, However I think I touched on this a little through the imagery of the posters and the powerfulness of the belt and the movement.

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Final outputs

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.58.56

One of the first outputs that I had created was the email. One of the things I found difficult about his part was about what information I would be putting in this email. The most difficult part about the whole brief would be the copyright. However I really enjoyed making this piece and choosing my colour co-ordination for this part.

I wanted to keep the email very simple as an email with too much text on, you wouldn’t look at but email catching you and giving you a link to learn more gives you the option rather than force feeds you.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.59.03

The next output would be social media and here I made a post for twitter that would show you a small poster for the advertisement. I think once of the things Im missing here would be the logo on the actual poster because if someone was to retweet they would have to look at where it originated from if they just saw something visual. So next time one of my biggest improvements would be to make sure there is always a corndel logo on there.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.59.12

For the banner I decided to show just a small image with all the small representations in my campaign and to make sure I showed my little student. I also wanted to show how much they might be able to save whilst employing in-house.

Some of the feedback I received was that it wasn’t clear enough about what websites I might have the banners on and although I answered this during the pitch next time i would like to make that more clear in the presentation.

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Visual reference – The workplace pension

My main visual reference would be the workplace pension as it shows the whole campaign around this creature and this creature represents the workplace pension. They use the same type of colour scheme throughout the campaign and you can automatically tell what campaign it is by first glance.

It also intrigues you to want to know more as it doesn’t show anything that looks like the workplace pension. They also manage to make something that is a serious issue into something fun and playful.

From this I came up with an concept, grow with me, that would be based around a creature who would show how this creature ,who would be the student, could make your company grow.


  • People need to know how they benefit from this
  • Also need something they want to look at Understand how their business will grow


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Looking at corndel the first thing I had to understand is who they are and what exactly they do. During their briefing it was very confusing to me what they actually do. Once taking a look at their company I finally understood how I could push this through the brief.

The Brief

To raise awareness of Corndel and their target audience

Encourage employers to hire a Corndel software engineer

For this brief I will need to think of ways I can show this to professional people whilst at the same time making the campaign fun and interesting to look at.

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Idea 2 – The big ring

My second idea was to create a games console that would have everything available on it

The insight for this is that kids are spending and increased amount of time on their games consoles whether it is gaming or anything else.

The idea is to have this games console that would have youtube, wwe network, the wwe games, the shop and many more other things. This is to also involve different aspects of keeping these kids connected, as a parent wouldn’t want to buy something out of their price range for just WWE.


Some of the feedback I received during my pitch included that he liked the way my insight really represented and you could see it throughout my ideas. He also like the way I showed ‘The big ring’ to also be a business venture and something they could think about in the future.

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Idea 1 – Wrestling bootcamp

One of the ideas I pitched to WWE is called wrestling bootcamp.

It would be a game where kids would be able to become their favourite wrestler and would win this.

My idea behind this was to get kids to interact with their most loved characters and realise that no dream is too far.

I started by making a visual concept for this which included a wrestling ring and the similarities in the poses of the young boy and the wrestler he wants to be.

wrestling bootcamp

My next step was to create a visual that would show WWE how this would work and exactly how the kids would interact with this game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 19.26.13.png

I did this by creating an illustration of how the boy would make a pose and how the game would register the person he is imitating. Once all the correct amount of moves are made they would win the title of john cena. This game would involve all kids as it doesn’t involve any of them losing.