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Final outputs

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.58.56

One of the first outputs that I had created was the email. One of the things I found difficult about his part was about what information I would be putting in this email. The most difficult part about the whole brief would be the copyright. However I really enjoyed making this piece and choosing my colour co-ordination for this part.

I wanted to keep the email very simple as an email with too much text on, you wouldn’t look at but email catching you and giving you a link to learn more gives you the option rather than force feeds you.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.59.03

The next output would be social media and here I made a post for twitter that would show you a small poster for the advertisement. I think once of the things Im missing here would be the logo on the actual poster because if someone was to retweet they would have to look at where it originated from if they just saw something visual. So next time one of my biggest improvements would be to make sure there is always a corndel logo on there.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 20.59.12

For the banner I decided to show just a small image with all the small representations in my campaign and to make sure I showed my little student. I also wanted to show how much they might be able to save whilst employing in-house.

Some of the feedback I received was that it wasn’t clear enough about what websites I might have the banners on and although I answered this during the pitch next time i would like to make that more clear in the presentation.

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Visual reference – The workplace pension

My main visual reference would be the workplace pension as it shows the whole campaign around this creature and this creature represents the workplace pension. They use the same type of colour scheme throughout the campaign and you can automatically tell what campaign it is by first glance.

It also intrigues you to want to know more as it doesn’t show anything that looks like the workplace pension. They also manage to make something that is a serious issue into something fun and playful.

From this I came up with an concept, grow with me, that would be based around a creature who would show how this creature ,who would be the student, could make your company grow.


  • People need to know how they benefit from this
  • Also need something they want to look at Understand how their business will grow


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Looking at corndel the first thing I had to understand is who they are and what exactly they do. During their briefing it was very confusing to me what they actually do. Once taking a look at their company I finally understood how I could push this through the brief.

The Brief

To raise awareness of Corndel and their target audience

Encourage employers to hire a Corndel software engineer

For this brief I will need to think of ways I can show this to professional people whilst at the same time making the campaign fun and interesting to look at.

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Idea 2 – The big ring

My second idea was to create a games console that would have everything available on it

The insight for this is that kids are spending and increased amount of time on their games consoles whether it is gaming or anything else.

The idea is to have this games console that would have youtube, wwe network, the wwe games, the shop and many more other things. This is to also involve different aspects of keeping these kids connected, as a parent wouldn’t want to buy something out of their price range for just WWE.


Some of the feedback I received during my pitch included that he liked the way my insight really represented and you could see it throughout my ideas. He also like the way I showed ‘The big ring’ to also be a business venture and something they could think about in the future.

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Research – Xbox kinect

One of the things I was inspired by would be the xbox kinect and the way they use kids being active to get them to play a game. This also appeals to the parents as they are a large factor in making things for children as they are the ones who would be paying for it.

I really like the way the kids interact with the game and it uses their movement to play the game. The idea of having movement in my idea intrigues me because it encourages kids to be active, Kids at the ages between 7-14 are currently active but also like to play games.

This is something I think I will use in my idea and design.

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WWE – Who they are

So this brief for me is a blast from the past as it is one of the companies that I really remember as a child. When WWE came to brief us they gave us a very broad brief with is:


How can WWE maintain relevant positioning towards next generation fans (7-14year olds)

what new areas do WWE need to consider in order to stay relevant and maintain its positioning towards this target audience

Looking at this brief and what is stood before me I first started to look at some of the things they already have available to the public and what type of shows they have.

They have loads of shows for kids to watch but some that may be out of date or slightly childish for the target audience they are trying to appeal to.

Having a look at what is available already and some of the things they have tried or some of the things they haven’t tried yet I will next be looking at what I can create for the target audience to keep them interested.

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The challenges final

When I presented to Zakti I went there with each of the challenges and the way that the campaign would be structured, each challenge would be presented so that there would be a clear structure and how each of these challenges relate to their audience. The main part of these challenges includes incentives which would help and encourage people to vote as everyone likes free stuff.

In this brief I think I did really well and went into my pitch with confidence. Throughout doing all these briefs I have really noticed an improvement in the way that I pitch and how if I’m more confident about my work the pitch will go more smoothly.

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Research – The face of JD

Whilst looking around for similar campaigns around this brief I happened to stumble upon a very similar campaign called ‘be the next face of JD’ This campaign is very similar because they are both looking for a new model to represent a brand.

This campaign happens to be very interesting as they too used to use voting mechanisms. You would be able to to vote for anyone online and put forward their name.

One of the things I will be taking from this campaign is the bright colours and the way they make it look fun and interesting, which is also to do with their relation to their target audience.

The next step I will be taking would be to start putting together my challenges for the campaign.

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Research – Fitness vloggers

Some of the Vloggers that I believe should be in this challenge is inspirational Vloggers who would already have the skills to film themselves to maintain this campaign as cost effective.

They would also be projection healthy and good tips for fitness which also relates to my campaign and would have a strong connection naturally with zakti.

Looking at these Vloggers would also help me find challenges which would best suit their expertise.

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The brief

To find the new face for the kimberley wyatt collecting AW117 and to create a cost effective imaginative campaign.

My insight

The insight for my idea would be to find someone motivational and relatable but not someone who is a model


The knock out challenge

The idea

5 Top fitness Vloggers are chosen to take part in a 5 week challenge
Pre challenge vloggers will post
Each week they create a video for a challenge chosen by the public

Tickets for participants to be won
Voting can be done through the amount of likes on each video Pushed on their own social media channels and through zakti


My next step would be to have a look at existing fitness vloggers and have a shop for some of the types of vloggers we would be able to use.